Scammers aren't SMART!

Quite a Lot of Stories Have Been Told And Shared About How Smart Scammers Are? The Question Is Are They Really Smart Or Sly?

Real Scammed Victims Need To Share Their Stories To Help Warn Other Prospective Victim. We Must Appreciate The Fact That Sharing Your Experience Can Help Safe Others And Provide a Pathway For The Arrest Of Offenders!

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The whole WORLD is in uncharted waters, and we are witnessing an upsurge in incidence of scam and fraud related offences.

Nigeria, without bias is one of the epicenter of scam and fraud in the World. It is no gainsaying that every day that unfolds bring along with it new ways, formats and schemes of how Mr. A can dupe Mr. B or vice versa. There's unprecedent increase in dubious tricks, such that the dignity of hard labor is vigorously being eroded! wants to bridge the gap between the victims and the would-be-victim, and expose all the manipulation and intrigues scammers use to rip their victims.

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