Ghanaian scams over 30 women of $2.1m, victim commits suicide

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A Ghanaian man residing in New Jersey, Rubbin Sarpong, is behind bars after United States authorities say he scammed 30 women of over $2.1m by posing as a “sweet message sending” soldier online.

Rubbin Sarpong, a 35-year-old Ghanaian citizen with US residency, was recently arrested for swindling women on sites like Plenty of Fish, by posing as a US soldier serving in Syria.

Things reportedly got so bad apparently that authorities allege that one woman committed suicide after transferring nearly $94,000 to Sarpong and his crew.

The New York Daily News reports that Sarpong and a number of his alleged co-conspirators stationed in Ghana created fake profiles and told women they were military personnel stationed in Syria, who had received, recovered or been awarded gold bars.

“Unfortunately, the well-decorated soldier could not get his bars back to the US so he needed their help,” the report added.

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