Measures put in place to curb scam in Ghana

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There are potential scam sites list for the most notorious fraudulent activities in Ghana has been released to reduce the level of these cyber crimes.

 It includes; Dating sites Lottery scams Advance payment scams Phishing scam Some of the most common Ghana scammer are known as Sakawa boys who are often seen around spending lots of cash without any explainable sources of income. 

It is these boys that the public is being warned against since it is believed that they swindle unsuspecting people into sending them a lot of money. It is believed that they will use any means available. Where to report scams in Ghana has had to be considered due to the fraudulent level in the country. 

All internet providers have a provision for subscribers to report any cases of scam they meet. The government of Ghana ministry of mining deals with all matters on mineral scams while the ministry of finance tackles all financial scam, especially when it has to do with public offices. These offices put in place mostly just listen, teach you how to avoid recurrence and warn other people of the ongoing scamming. Scammers are geniuses. 

If you are to beat them at this game, you have to stay woke

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