MY WORD ‘Creepy men’ target and harass women by private message on Scrabble Go app

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SCRABBLE GO fans are being targeted by "creepy men" who appear to be trying to flirt with them, charm them and then scam them.

Women who play the popular game claim they have been targeted by the suspicious users who appear to purposefully lose games.

The mysterious men start up a match with the potential victim before starting to quiz them about where they live and if they are married, reports the BBC.

They then attempt to talk the women into moving from the game app onto other messaging services such as WhatsApp.

It appears the men are what are known as "romance scammers", fraudsters who attempt to charm their way into getting victims to send cash.

Potential victims have questioned whether the users are even human, with many of them seemingly acting like "bots".

Bots are automated accounts which respond to real users' messages with a pre-programmed script.

One woman, from Croydon, told The Sun Online she has received messages from a handful of men - all who appear to say the same thing over and over.

She started using Scrabble Go to beat boredom during lockdown while on furlough, but was disturbed when she was bombarded with messages.

The 24-year-old said: "Its creepy, you are just trying to play a game and then you get messages from these weird people.

"They seem like bots, they just say 'hi' repeatedly. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and makes me want to delete the app."

Scopley - the company behind the game - said the chat function can be restricted so only friends can message you.

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