Religion Fraud

Of all the ways scammers can steal your money, experts agree the most difficult frauds to combat are the ones that seek to turn your own faith against you.

This is otherwise known as “affinity frauds” — targeting victims through a common bond, most often religion. While realistic statistics are hard to come by because the scams are so widespread, it's fair to say that affinity fraud losses run into the billions per year. In is therefore not unusual to see religion places and establishment have billions locked up in their bank accounts.

People want to trust, Especially in affinity situations, where people feel more comfortable for one reason or another, be it a church or an ethnic community.

Another reason affinity fraud is so hard to beat is that, like any predator, an affinity fraudster targets the weakest of the flock — those who are the most trusting, and in many cases, the most naïve. 

Way Out:

THE BEST DEFENSE IS TO SEEK KNOWLEDGE. Seeking knowledge means having fair understanding of what your religion is all about. And most especially show restrain whenever a religion leader is more interested in your pocket than preaching facts and truth.

When the attention is more on TITHES, OFFERINGS, ZAKAT and other bogus up giving, then you need to seek caution and apply it.